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Welcome to the ProVision Webdesigns website!

Morgan Miller has a history of delivering high quality websites for the last seven years. As ProVision Webdesigns owner and webdesigner, he understands the vast needs that a business requires from its website. In addition to attending veterinary medical school for the last three years, Morgan has spent over five hundred hours in developing his own content management system that allows the veterinarian or business owner complete control of his or her website without ever having to write any HTML code. The PVW-CMS (ProVision Webdesigns Content Management System) has been designed with the veterinarian in mind, but can be used by any small to medium sized business. Please use this website to learn more about the PVW-CMS and how it can help your veterinary clinic or other business easily and effectively use the internet to your advantage.

Some of the features of the PVW-CMS include:
  • A Control Panel for page, e-mail, user, and group administration.
  • Site Settings Administration Page to allow complete customization of website height and width and alignment, text and link colors, border styles and menu bullets, and background images and colors.
  • A built-in online HTML GUI Editor.
  • A Calendar as well as separate Events/Announcements Page to inform clients of important dates.
  • A password-protected Chatroom for live chats with or amongst clients.
  • A Contacts Page to redirect client inquires to the appropriate individual.
  • A Links Page with image and summary features.
  • A threaded Message Board.
  • A multi-album Picture Page with automatic thumbnail creation and mouseover descriptions.
  • An online Survey Page with graphical results.
  • Automatic Page Counters to aid in site traffic analysis and determining where the most important areas of your website are from the client's perspective.
  • MD5 encrypted user Login Authentication with password retrieval via e-mail or an onscreen Q&A session.
  • Permissions-based Access to pages within the website.
  • Online Policy and Copyright Pages that provide the basis for intellectual property protection.
  • "Printer friendly" and "E-mail-this-page" Quick Links.


4-14-2004 - The user/client information form...
3-30-2004 - I have rewritten and expanded the...
3-18-2004 - Have continued to add support for...
2-11-2004 - Modified the site_admin.php script...
2-10-2004 - Updated the site administrative...

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